About Us

Regie Alfa

Regie Alfa was launched in January 2019.

We believe that the online technology is the main pillar for any company to grow, and for any customer to be online.

We will strive to move our customers to a different level. Our mission is to be transparent, trustworthy and true partners.

What we do

“we have gathered expertise from various domains. We built our team to handle four various pillars that we saw essentials for online services.

We got Programmatic know-how from our partners who dedicated themselves to build our team.

We believe in Mobile apps to be the next thing for our company to grow. 80% of daily traffic is coming from mobiles, so we concentrated our efforts in this direction.

Online Dashboards is a must have in this online era. Management love to have data on the go, anywhere and anytime. We believe that being proactive is a power in everyone’s hand, gathering data from devices that empower your company was essential for any decision you will take.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a strategy to go to. Never let your device fails you, and inject smart sensors in their daily action and let them give data in return. “

Our Region

Regie Alfa operate in Lebanon and have a spread in the region.

We already got inventory in Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar and Morocco.

We will keep our team pushing for more growth in other countries.

Robert Madi, CEO & Co-Founder

“For 12 years we have acquired the widest knowledge within the digital advertising.

We are proud to offer our expertise to our clients using the most sophisticated platforms on the market while providing unique technical consultancy services that our clients would love and trust.”