Our Pillars


We are ready to take your digital advertising to the next level. Based on a smart bidding system using multiple platforms we will make sure to reach your target audience in the best cost effective way.

Our massive inventory in the region will allow your brand to spread across many publishers in a premium content environment.

If you are a publisher, joining our inventory will be done transparently and will assure you the highest industry standards. We will make sure to never under-value your inventory and will make available our video, in-app, rich media and display to empower your site.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps were always a passion for us. It is like asking someone to make money with their skills.

“In Lebanon, We are excited to announce that we have been appointed the official media representative of the leading mysay app. A revolutionary statistical app based on integrity, speed, confidentiality and ease of access. Anyone can post any question(s) and have it answered by thousands of members in just few hours. You want to know people’s opinion? Use mysay”

“BYTS is a mobile app specialized in filling vacant places in any course across all Lebanon.
Whether it is a Yoga class, Zumba class, cooking course, tennis court, professional business training or even a painting class, BYTS can help you to book it. “

eCommerce Solutions

“With our 360 solution, that starts with creating your online store, mobile app and eCommerce integration, to creating your online campaign, launching your brand on our premium network, launching surveys to more than 33k+ active users, creating your social media platforms and linking it to your shop.

With our unique offering, we will help you move your shop online smoothly. Our team of expert will walk you through the process and help in achieving your goal in just 4 weeks. We will dedicate a full resource for you who will make sure to meet your objective faster.”

Internet Of Things

“did you ever tried to get data from your fridge? What about knowing ahead if your equipment will fail or no? IoT will help you knowing things in advance, or even use your equipment in a smarter way. By providing a unique technical consultancy, we will make sure to help you getting the best out of your investment.”

Online dashboard

“let us help you to automate your management reporting system. In just few clicks, you will generate your online dashboard based on your daily data gathered from your system. It is easy, let us help you reaching there”