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About Us

Who we are

We believe that online technology is one of the main pillar for any growing company in current days. Our goal is to help publishers to monetise their content. Creating content is what they do the best, applying technology that could monetise better this content is what we know.

Proprietary technology from demand partners well selected from different time zones helped us in applying robust infrastructure. Transparency is key in our philosophy, this is why we believe that partnering with the right platforms and working closely with our publishers will make a win-win situation for all stakeholders.

In our process to gain more trustworthy and accountability with all our Publishers, Regie Alfa has been verified and Approved by TAG (trustworthy Accountability Group) as a known and trusted player in the digital Ad ecosystem. Our commitment in Supporting the growth of a transparent digital advertising supply chain helped us in becoming a TAG registered company.


With more than 15 years of experience in the Media and Technology industry, Regie Alfa was founded in 2019. Young, but full of experience and muscles. Our long back knowledge in the digital advertising, programmatic and technology, gave us an edge for the company to be founded on solid ground.

Our reputation as individuals in the market, transparency in our work and skills that we offers to our clients, positioned us as a company to work with. Our goal is to help each publisher monetize their web content. And how we do that? Our method depend on solid technology, skilled partners and regional demand.

We grew our reputation by being transparent with all clients. Our figures posted are continuously audited. As a publisher, you will have one dashboard that will integrate all demand partners. We will consolidate all revenues in one report for you, where you can track each and every details you need.
We gathered a young team full of energy and skills. We will dedicate one that will handle your account fully. As a publisher, you will be on top of his/her priorities. So relax, you are in good hands.
We only work as consultant. We never see you as a onetime opportunity. We want you to grow so that we grow beside you. We always recommend what we see better for your site, and we always stays within the international standards and norms.
We believe in continuous learning. We always upgrade our skills. And those are meant to help all our clients in their technical journey. Learning is a ladder that every employee will climb into.

Our skills



Revenue Increase




Targeted campaigns are the best option for clients. Our audience buying system have plenty of data filtered by categories. Not only on regular websites, but we can also target mobile Apps.

Increasing your revenue

Our aim is not to have a onetime sale. Increasing your revenue is our main target. It is simply a win-win situation. Our optimization showed a minimum of 32% increase in revenues.


Based on the technology we are using, we will recommend the best placement for your ads. We work on higher viewability and user experience for your site. Our AI engine will recommend placements for your site.


We believe in transparency with all our publishers and demand partners. We accept all kind of audits on our figures. This is how we work, and this is how we teach our employees to be.


How we do it

Header Bidding

Let all demand partners compete to win your ad. Header bidding is the way forward to increase your revenue by a minimum of 35%. We will deploy our technology in no time, and you will sit watching your revenue grow.

ADX Integration

We integrate directly with your ADX account, and if you don't have one, we will implement ours and let you win the impressions.

Native ADS

Let us grow your content and select your organic articles to fit in our engine. Native ads will run smoothly within your content and will increase revenue on your site.


Do you know that AMP inventory is on the high demand and will give you higher eCPM? We can help you to enable this feature inside your pages, and make the mobile revenues grow even faster.


Get you campaign run programmatically through our DSP engine. We can target categories you need and even in mobile Apps categories.

AI Engine

Our smart Al engine will select the ideal empty spaces inside your site and will launch Ads where appropriate. This is a killer feature and will boost your revenue high

Our history


When we went International

We couldn't miss the opportunity of going International. We took the decision of growing the team and business in a market full of opportunities, challenges and bigger dreams


The year that flipped everything

COVID-19 was not a boundary for us. In this year, we partnered with Media Unit, an agency with long back knowledge in the region. We became the Tech company for the group. We started offering services to a wider pie, the MENA region


A new born baby

This is when Regie Alfa was born, one objective to start programmatic offering to its publishers.


Playing with the big guys

Our skills became stronger and we started dealing with big names. We even went from local market to regional.


Our digital win

We couldn’t get better than winning our first digital customer. This was the cornerstone for our digital journey. It is where we moved on to this business fully


When we first started

Our knowledge started with the online business when streaming was just a kids play. Moving online was a challenge and a fear for some


Some facts about us

We are proud of these numbers

Billions Impressions Sold
Demand Partners
Premium Publishers
Regional Offices


Our awesome works

Dealing with Publishers is all what we do. Working closely with them to increase their revenue is our aim.
Our team is enjoying gathering premium publishers from around the globe
to increase our network and grant Agencies a premium inventory to launch their campaigns.
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Our Heroes

Behind the scenes

Our Tech Team
Our Sales Team
Ad Sparc
Project Agora
Opt Ad 360
Ad Pone
value impression

Our best clients

Who love to work with us

More than 100 Satisfied Customers

“I started the partnership with Regie Alfa around 2 years ago. They were one of the significant contracts I have ever made. The excellent support they give, as well as their approach to solve all the issues made them a great choice in the field of Programmatic deals. Thank you great team.”

Karim Mamdouh

Karim Mamdouh

Digital Media Manager, Dar-Alsharq

“As one of the leading media in Iraq, Alsumaria website has ventured in programmatic ads for so long and found the perfect partner in Regie Alfa. They know the market. They know the technology. They merged both offline and online skills to give us the best opportunities yielding in perfect and transparent results. The most important to us has always been their un-reluctant and steady support. “

Petra Tawk

Petra Tawk

Digital Media Manager, Alsumaria TV

I have been working, since a decade, with many platforms. When I started working with Regie Alfa , I found a big difference, the guys are very professional, always ready to help and they respond very quickly to any problem we face. I am confident that no barrier can stop them solving any glitch (if any). You are amazing guys, wish you all the best


Elie Achkouty


Our address

Where you can find us

Office Location

8 The Green, Suite 6294 Dover, DE 19901, Delaware, USA

Chiyah, Camille Chamoun Boulevard Antoine Gharios Center, 7th Floor, Lebanon

Call Us

+1 (302) 2080 128

+961 1 283 300

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Working Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17:00

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